Hi, I’m Jen.

I live in a Pretty Small Town over on the right-hand side of your map of Illinois.

For six of my thirty years, I’ve been married to Ryan. We have two small people: Chase is 3.5 and Katelyn is almost 2. Since people tend to ask, yes we planned it that way, because we are adventurous and magnificent.

I have never eaten a peach or seen the movie Sixteen Candles. Raisins should be eaten as a standalone snack and never be allowed to besmirch other foods. Hummingbirds are scary. They make me swear. Coincidentally, I’m very, very good at swearing. That may or may not have something to do with my proud status as a ginger. High five, redheads!

I love football (Packers, WOO!), Kevin Costner, and the movie McClintock. Two of these things are dorky, I know.

My claims to fame? I’m killer at e-mail (not one goes unread; all are labeled and put away neatly when I’m done with the internet) and I’m great at organization! Please witness my sock drawer, which is testament to this:

I’m your girl if you need someone to organize your files, design your logo, fix your internet connection, and hear your life story simultaneously. As a bonus, I could tell you about my very poor taste in music and movies, which borders on the hysterical.

I’ve owned an Apple computer since the tender age of five and I’ve been blogging in this space for 3½ years.  I’m brand-friendly and have worked on campaigns with several national, well-known companies.

I’m glad you stopped by. If you want to know more about me either personally or professionally, poke around over here  www.jenbshaw.info

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