Boy(s) of Rock and Roll

Here’s the thing about my kids…they are hilarious on a daily basis. I realize I have an incredible bias but I think even a casual observer would label them funny. The problem is they both have just enough of my shyness to give them pause whenever they know they are being watched and especially captured on film. It would seem though that Chase is coming a little out of his shell a bit. Lately he’s been willing to perform on cue, even letting me catch a few magic moments with my phone.

I recently introduced them to one of my favorite childhood movies, The Chipmunk Adventure. The first time we watched it they didn’t seem too interested but the next day they fought over the DVD at nap time, and have continued to fight over it every day since. We happened to be watching various clips from the movie on YouTube when Chase broke out in dance.

He tried SO hard to copy all of the moves but bless his heart he got his gracefulness and coordination – or lack there of – from me.

I’m suddenly very concerned about how I actually look during Zumba classes.

8 thoughts on “Boy(s) of Rock and Roll

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