Katelyn – Two Years Old

Dear Kate,

How in the world is it that you are two years old already? It’s so cliche but time really does seem to be moving at warp speed. In the last six months you have morphed into a full fledged person.

For such a tiny little person you have no trouble what so ever making your every feeling heard and/or understood. I could make a 500 page flip-book comprised of only your facial expressions. Your vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds, every day I catch a new word or two sneaking in. All of your grandparents are completely wrapped around your finger and you know it. Rarely can anyone turn down a request, even if they do usually come out more like demands.

You do nothing halfway, and nothing at slow speed. This picture of you running frame by frame is a perfect portrayal of how you move. It’s an awkward but totally adorable combination of high knees, tip toes, and kicked out to the side feet. It goes pretty perfectly with your soundtrack of squeals and giggles.

Your brother, whom you affectionately and stubbornly refer to as Sissy, is your absolute favorite person in the world. Having the two of you so close together is one of my favorite decisions ever. More than ever now, you are his constant shadow, absorbing and parroting everything he does. I love that on any given afternoon I’m just as likely to find the two of you playing dress up in your room as I am to find you both “farming” in his room.

As much as ever you are still my little peanut, barely ranking on the growth charts. We routinely run into 15-18 month olds who tower over you. What you lack in size you more than make up for in spunk and sass. Your baby-fine hair is finally starting to grow and this past month we ventured into the world of pony tails. Most days you sport a wispy little tail on the top of your head à la Pebbles. If anyone asks you what’s in your hair you smile, flip the hair with your hand, and say “pre-pre” (pretty pretty).

Dora is still your favorite, although any cartoon that your brother likes you’re happy to watch with him. Much to my dismay you aren’t quite ready, or interested in, Disney Princess movies, but I’m sure the time is coming. Peek-a-boo barn is your favorite game on the iPad and you will never be convinced that you have enough baby dolls. You know exactly where I keep my stash of smarties and there isn’t much you wouldn’t do for a drink of my fountain pop.

I couldn’t love you any more if I tried baby girl.


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