New York City, You Complete Me…Or Not

Yesterday I made my way — more successfully than others I might add — home from the annual Blogher conference in New York City. I actually attended very little of the conference, but that’s a story for a different day. Here are my thoughts, in list form because it’s the most my brain can handle at this point.

1. Hotel trash cans, the ones under the desks, are not watertight. Thus one should always just take the hit to their wallet and “rent” a mini-fridge for keeping drinks cool. Let’s just say I tried to rig up a trash can with ice for a makeshift cooler and we ended up with a lot of water, most of it in Meghan’s purse. Whoops. As stupid as I felt it led to one of the funniest moments ever in the middle of the McDonald’s in Times Square.

2. I brought ALL flats and I still managed to get massive blisters. I will apparently never learn that NYC requires WALKING SHOES.

3. My fashion-genius friend Ali took me shopping, like real, honest-to-goodness, big girl shopping at Saks. I’ve never been to any Saks, let alone THE Saks on Fifth Avenue. I felt like a total fraud up in that place. True to her word though AliMartell shoved me in a dressing room and threw a bunch of jeans at me and low and behold I found THE perfect pair. I am now a proud owner of a pair of Joe’s Jeans. Scoff all you want but hot damn they are amazing.

4. I seriously enjoyed all the good eats. I tried and loved Cuban food, even if I did choose one of the most bland things on the menu, I give myself massive points for not even balking when Meghan suggested Cuban. Baby steps you guys. I also indulged in LOTS of spaghetti, pizza, cupcakes, and yes even some McDonald’s.

5. Not that I needed it but this trip really served to reaffirm the fact that I have some amazing friends. We laughed and laughed and laughed (even cried a little). Some of my favorite moments were those spent in small quiet circles. I talked with so many great people all while nary a keyboard was touched.

6. I feel, like many I think, that Blogher is out-blogher-ing itself. Maybe it was the NYC location but everything just felt harried. Everything felt crowded, and rushed, and hot, and damp (don’t be dirty, it was humid). The parties, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the past, just seemed to dark and too loud. I feel like in the past there was a place, a dimly lit, quieter place that one could have a conversation without screaming. Like Ali said, I think I’m just geriatric.

7. Next year is Chicago, I’m sure I’ll waffle a bit, or maybe a lot, but in the end I’ll be there. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to miss my friends. I’m also really going to try to hit a few of the other conferences out there. I hear that sometimes you do actually learning there.

Until next time my friends.

4 thoughts on “New York City, You Complete Me…Or Not

  1. I am laughing out loud right now. That McDonald’s thing will never not be funny.

    I’m also remembering how delicious that cheese from atop your meatballs. I loved your meatball cheese.

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