My Pretty Little Princess

I’m going to level with you guys. Living in the country is really amazing most of the time, except when it’s not. Lately one of my biggest irritations with our rural living situation is the lack of shopping. For as little as I care about my own wardrobe it’s shocking to me how much I care about stocking my kids’ closets. I want them to have cute things, I want to show their personalities in their appearance, I want them to shine everyday (Too far? Yeah, too far. Look, I just want them to not look like hobos or be exact replicas of every other kid in town).

One of my latest obsessions is scouring the web for online stores that sell children’s clothes and accessories. By way of my awesome friend Jenny I found Girls Crochet Headbands. The lovely folks over there sent me some of the products for Katelyn to try so if you’ll indulge me a few photos…

My Kate is not blessed with a head full of hair so hair accessories of any kind have been tricky for us to say the least. I love this little curly bow because it doesn’t overwhelm her wee head and it stayed really well in her thin hair. (Bow Tie 3″ Zebra – $1.50)

I can’t even stand how animated she is about a simple yawn. I love this little flower clip and headband because again, they held well in her hair and the sizing was just right. Normally you see these clips on thicker crochet headbands but for whatever reason Katelyn always rips those off after 5 seconds but this soft elastic headband didn’t seem to bother her at all. (Black Elastic Headband – $0.50 Sweetheart Flower Clip White/Hot Pink – $1.79)

Katelyn loved this little kufi hat, I wasn’t as wild about it but perhaps it would look better if she had longer hair. I am assuming the hat is quite comfortable as she has refused to take it off since discovering it. I adore the zebra striped flower clip and plan to use it alone and with the elastic headband. (Kufi Hat Hot Pink – $2.50 Crystal Daisy Zebra – $1.25)

This set was my absolute favorite out of everything. We are big football fans in this house and we always dress accordingly for Game Day. It’s hard to see but the flower clip isn’t just made in Green Bay Packers colors but there is a little football charm in the middle. I will definitely be having one made to go with her apparel for college games. (The full size flowers were comically large on her little head, I will likely stick to the small and medium sized flowers from now on) (Football Leg Warmers – $3.99 Gerber Daisy NFL Packers – $2.98)

This picture is here simply because it makes me so insanely happy to look at. I mean, c’mon, that’s a cute kid ammirite?

Chase is never one to be left out so I let him try on the leg warmers on his arms. I actually think this is really cute for older kids.

This orange and black flower clip (shown on the black elastic headband) has an adorable pumpkin charm in the middle. (Halloween Flower Clip Black/Orange – $2.98)

Because Chase loves ALL things Halloween he insisted on modeling the pumpkin flower for me.

Not only did Girls Crochet Headbands send me these awesome products but they want to send YOU some as well. I can assure you that I will be ordering again soon because I’ve fallen in love with their products and I think you would too. Simply follow the steps below to enter to win 5 items of your choice from the site.

1) Mandatory: Head over to the Girls Crochet Headbands website and look around. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite GCH item is. For extra entries you can also:

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I will leave the comments open for entries until Thursday September 20th. A winner will be randomly selected.

Contest is now closed! The lucky winner is Robyn S:

Robyn S.


I absolutely love love love the lace rompers. I think they are too cute. I found you through Jenny at momminitup!

One final thought… I would like the record to show that the above are the finest sampling from my photo shoots with my children. 90% of the photos I took ended up looking something like this. In other words, it was toddler mayhem up in here.

Disclosure: I was provided with free products but I was not compensated and all opinions are my own (and Katelyn’s of course).

Shoes of Summer: Lindsay Phillips Switchflops

I was introduced to Switchflops three years ago by my best friend. I was intrigued as she told me about her new flip flops that had interchangeable straps but honestly I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure how a shoe with Velcro straps purchased at a Hallmark of all places would keep from looking a little cheap.

Then I bought a pair.

I haven’t looked back. I can honestly tell you that I wear my Switchflops over 80% of the summer months. They are the most comfortable pair of flip flops that I have ever owned.

I wear them with everything from jeans to skirts to dresses. I always get lots of compliments and honestly people are usually surprised when they learn that the straps are removable. All three pairs have stood up to days (and nights) of long hours and multiple miles.

This is my entire collection of shoes. I have three pairs of shoes and ten strap sets, which basically means right there I have 30 pairs of shoes.

The Lindsay Phillips line, which started in 2007 with Switchflops, now also includes snap shoes, ballet flats, bags, scarves and an entire children’s line. The only thing more amazing than the products is Lindsay herself. The entire idea for these shoes started from a high school art project. Lindsay has an amazing story and an even more amazing product.

Now what are you doing still here? Go out and get yourself a pair! You won’t regret it.


Disclosure: I received one pair of shoes and 2 straps from the company. I purchased everything else on my own BEFORE. I was not compensated for this review and all the opinions are my own.

Friday Favorites – Yellow Tail Moscato

Friday Favorites is where I share with you all the fabulous little things I find. It may be a product, it may just be an idea, either way I think it’s brilliant and I want to share it with you. Enjoy.

I long to be a wine drinker, one of those sophisticated sorts who knows the perfect wine for every meal and has a fully stocked wine cabinet at home. Alas, as with coffee, every kind I have tried has tasted bitter, every kind except one, moscato.

I have tried a lot of brands of moscato but far and away my favorite has been Yellow Tail. It has just the right amount of fizz to be reminiscent of a good champagne but without the champagne hangover.

Friday Favorites – Cosmetic Bags

Friday Favorites is where I share with you all the fabulous little things I find. It may be a product, it may just be an idea, either way I think it’s brilliant and I want to share it with you. Enjoy.

It may sound silly but one of my favorite “products” is zippered cosmetic bags, I would venture to say that I have at least 30 of them hidden all over my house.

Here are a few of the places that I use them:

  • Bathroom: My everyday make up is kept all neat and tidy in a drawer organizer but I use bags to hold my make-up that stays in my travel bag. I also use them to hold extra toiletries such as spare sample/travel size shampoos and lotions.
  • Bedroom: I keep a couple in my nightstand drawers to hold small items such as pens and pencils, extra remote batteries and my stash of mints. I also use a long flat bag (more like a pencil case) to store my jewelry (wrapped in paper towels) when I’m traveling to keep it from becoming tangled.
  • Kid’s room: I keep small bags in each of the kids’ suitcases packed with travel bath products and their medicines as well as some other small toiletry type items. I leave the bags in their suitcases so it’s one less thing we have to think about packing. Larger bags are also the perfect size for holding a few small toys or crayons to keep little hands occupied at restaurants and doctor’s offices.
  • Office: I use several large bags to hold various electronic accessories such as camera cords, spare batteries, chargers and other odds and ends such as lens covers and headphones. I also keep a bag of my daily electronics like my spare camera battery and charger, phone cord and SD card reader.
  • Car: I keep a couple small bags in my center console, one to hold some emergency beauty supplies and another to hold my various car chargers.
  • Diaper bag: Small cosmetic bags are the perfect size to organize diaper bag necessities if you are using a bag that doesn’t have enough pockets.

Cosmetic bags aren’t hard to come by and can often be found for little or no money. Most of mine have been free gifts with purchase from a cosmetic counter at a department store. I’ve also purchased them at thrift stores and garage sales. Target and Wal-mart also usually have a pretty good selection with reasonable prices.

Friday Favorites – Contain the Trash

Friday Favorites is where I share with you all the fabulous little things I find. It may be a product, it may just be an idea, either way I think it’s brilliant and I want to share it with you. Enjoy.

I came across this little dandy on Pinterest, it’s a plastic cereal dispenser turned trash can for the car. The flip top allows you to keep it closed to prevent spills and the tiny bathroom trash bags are a perfect fit.

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Source: via Jen on Pinterest