Gaming System Overload

It used to be that gaming systems only existed in the rooms of teenagers, college dorm and bachelor pads. These days more and more families are investing in video game systems as a way to spend quality time together, this means that the consoles, games and all the accessories are finding their way into family rooms. It can quickly become a chaotic mess of controllers, cords and game boxes. A few retailers carry video game caddies or stands but these can become cumbersome and may be an eye sore if stored in your gaming area doubles as your general living/entertaining area.

Here is a closer look at my entertainment center. All told our unit houses our cable box, wireless router, internet modem, computer back-up system and all of our gaming consoles, games and accessories (Playstation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS). The cable box and game consoles do run a little hot so I don’t recommend stacking them, if you are short on space invest in a wire shelf organizer (generally made for kitchen cabinets) to keep allow for air flow. To help disguise the shelf spray paint it to match the color of your entertainment center.

As you can see I keep our Wii Board underneath our entertainment center and our collection of gaming guitars are hidden behind the unit in the corner. If you aren’t able to use space behind or underneath your entertainment center consider keeping bulky items in a nearby coat closet, hanging on the wall behind the TV, or stored in another piece of furniture like an ottoman.

For the bottom shelves I purchased small canvas bins to keep all the games and accessories together. The bins on the left hold all of the Playstation games, cords and extra controllers and the bins on the right hold games and accessories for the Wii and DS. No matter what gaming system you own I can’t recommend enough that you spring for wireless controllers and a charging stand, it helps cut down on cord clutter and you’ll save a ton on batteries.

Happy gaming!