Kids’ Closets: More Than Just Clothes Storage

A friend recently asked me for some tips on how to organize kids’ closets. So, Kate, this one’s for you!

This is my son’s closet.

1. Hang everything. Ok, not everything obviously, but everything that can be hung. The only things I keep folded are socks (and eventually underwear), pants/shorts and pajamas.

2. I love these drawers so much. The top one holds pants and shorts, whatever season it happens to be. The second one holds socks and shoes. and I keep the third for off-season pants and bulky sweatshirts.

3. I use this hanging shelf set to store all of Chase’s pajamas. I keep them separated by weight mostly; warm footies, lightweight footies, long sleeves/pants sets and t-shirts/short sets

4. Chase no longer has a changing table in his room so I keep this little rubbermaid drawer tower for diapers and wipes. I also keep trash bag liners (old wal-mart sacks) in the bottom drawer. Just to the right of that I keep a couple of empty tubs that I use for outgrown clothes. I find that keeping a tub open right there helps me keep up with the constant size changes.

5. A recent bout of purging gave me some extra space that I didn’t really need so right now I’m keeping all of Chase’s swim attire, beach towels and toys there.

6. Down on the floor on the left side of the closet you can see two big paper boxes. That’s where I keep a bunch of toys that Chase just isn’t old enough for yet. If you have older kids you can also just store some toys and rotate to keep things “new”.

7. I use the higher shelves for storage of blankets and sheets and other odds and ends stuff.


This is my daughter’s closet.

1. Again, I hang as much as possible, even all the little tiny newborn onesies. I promise you that all the hanging will actually make putting away laundry quicker and easier. Promise.

2. I had originally planned to use drawers made for a closet system like in Chase’s room but overbought furniture for Katelyn’s room so I put her dresser in the closet. It works the same way, socks, shoes, pants/shorts/skirts and pajamas fill up the drawers.

3. On top of her dresser I have cute little boxes and baskets to hold all of her hats and headbands. Pro tip: use a lined basket and clip any delicate flowers to the outside. It keeps them from getting crushed and bent.

4. Again I keep a tub for outgrown clothes in Katelyn’s closet but I also keep a tub with clothes in the next size up because she is still a baby and she grows really fast. The paper bag is for clothes she’s outgrown that I know I want to donate, things I know I won’t save for the next baby (assuming there is one).

5. I also have some extra shelf space in her closet so I store odds and ends up there.

6. I had some extra space on the left side of the closet but it would have been hard to reach regular shelves over there because of the dresser so here was my solution. I bought another set of hanging shelves and used a tension rod to hang them, because it hangs sideways it’s much easier to see and reach the contents. I keep extra shees, baby blankets, slings and small accessories here.


Room for Two, When Kids Share a Space

A friend recently asked me how to make it easier for her two children (boy and girl) to share a room. Beyond the overall how to design a gender neutral or dual gender friendly room, there is the issue of storing the belongs of each child. Here are some simple tips for organizing a crowded kids bedroom, starting with toys.

1. Under-bed storage: This can be achieved by getting your kids beds with drawers built in or simply buying bins specially made for under the bed. A DIY option is to refinish an old dresser drawer and attach casters to the bottom. For kids who are a bit older you might consider putting their beds on risers to up the amount of storage.

*images courtesy of Better Homes and Garden

2. Multi-function bookcases: Use a stack-able cube system for storing books and toys. These versatile pieces come in a variety of heights and widths and are made to stack. Use color coded baskets to keep toys separate by either child or type.

Toy Storage

3. Hanging storage: Get a hanging basket for storing large quantities of stuffed animals or other odd shaped toys. Again the different bins can be used to keep toys separate by child or type. Another hanging option is to buy toy hammocks which hang in the corners of a room.

Toy Storage

4. Give a door pockets: A pocket organizer hung on the back of a door is good for more than just shoes. Use the pockets to store sets of toys with small pieces (action figures, legos, barbie clothes, etc). For extra small pieces consider a pocket organizer made for jewelry.

Toy Storage

5. Rotate the toys: Help the clutter by cutting down on the amount of toys. Sort out some toys/sets and keep them in boxes in the top of the closet or in another storage area. Rotate the toys that are in use every few months.

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